All Clean Difference

What Sets All Clean of Wisconsin Apart From the Rest?

The All Clean system we use contains advanced residue free encapsulation technology that is already changing the way carpets will be cleaned in the future. Never before has carpet cleaning been so easy and effective.

With other carpet cleaning systems that use a lot of water, the stains appear to be gone. What has really happened is that the stains have been pushed deeper into the carpet padding and after a little time has passed, it dries and gravity pushes the spot back to the surface.

Unlike conventional carpet cleaning chemicals, our system penetrates the carpet fiber to break down the soil, including asphalt and other oils, from the fiber. This encapsulation process then lifts the soil, suspends it, dissolves it and encapsulates it so it can be dry extracted from the carpet within 45 minutes.

More Benefits of the All Clean System for Cleaning your Carpet
  • We use a environmentally friendly, bio-degradable formula
  • We use a limited amount of chemical, which dries to a crystallized form, so there's no soapy residue
  • We use mechanical agitation, not harsh chemicals and loads of water to get those tough spots out
  • We use machines that are safe for the carpet with brushes that are softer than that of a vacuum
  • Our encapsulation process is safe for all carpet including stain resistant fiber and wool
  • We agitate the carpet which loosens the stubborn stains that other cleaning systems leave behind.
  • Carpets are Dry within an Hour!
  • 100 percent money back guarantee1

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