What is the difference between the using the All Clean Dry Carpet Cleaning system instead of hot water?

First of all, the trained technicians of All Clean of Wisconsin use a crystallzing, water based cleanser, which means no sticky residue is left in the carpet to resoil faster. We use a counter-rotating brush machine(with brushes) to scrub the carpet thoroughly, pulling out dirt, hair, grime, and scrubbing on any problem areas. We aren't relying on harsh chemicals, water pressure and volume. A degree of moisture is needed to clean any carpets, but the surfactants in our product increases rapid evaporation which leaves you with carpets that are usually dry within one hour. Although the cleaning is very deep, the process is delicate enough to be used daily without causing any damage.

Is the All Clean System like other Dry Carpet Cleaners?

Many Dry Carpet Cleaning systems are similar because our systems dry fast, which is a great benefit. Other than that, other systems use a bonnet cleaner. With the bonnet cleaning system, the only amount of soil that comes out of your carpet is how dirt is absorbed by the towel.

Can you remove pet stains?

We sure can but it depends on how long the spot has been there, what was digested before the accident, and how long it was treated. Often times, the acid in the urine or vomit will cause permanent damage like color loss or change of color in the carpet. When we are done cleaning the carpets, if the spot is still there, it is more than likely permanent damage has occurred, similar to bleaching.

What's better about your carpet guard protection?

Our carpet guard protection is best because it is not a water based protector. Water based protectors are typically used by other carpet cleaners and break down in a short amount of time. Carpet Guard is a resin-based product which is very pliable so it can bend with the fabric and not break down. The protection is good for up to a year of foot traffic and one cleaning!

What does your carpet deodorizer do?

Our deodorizer is not a perfume to cover up odors. It will neutralize and counteract the odor. It has a light floral scent that will dissipate within the day. Remember it is for your carpets nor for the air. Even if you don't have any pets, there are still odors in your home from cooking, walking around with bare feet, and bringing in odors from outside.

Do some carpet stains and spots come back?

Certain spots and carpet stains are actually pushed deep into the padding when an excessive amount of water is used and as it dries, gravity brings it right back up to the surface. This process is called wicking and the spot will come back. Our system virtually eliminates this problem because we are only using several gallons in the whole house, not in a single room. If that should happen to your carpet after we are done, please call us right away and we will take care of it. Some spills are very high in sugar, like soda. As it dries, it will turn to a hard piece of sugar wrapped around the fiber. When the first cleaning process takes place, it will remove the outside layer and as it dries, the remaining sugar will expand from gravity back to the outside of the fiber. One more cleaning will take care of it.

Why is it important for my carpets to dry fast?

Well, there are many technical reasons. For example, overwetting the carpets can cause shrinkage, color loss, mold, mildew and even smell. But the most important reason for us is that it is more convenient for you, our customer. There is no down time with our system. You can put your house back together within two hours. Our clients find that very beneficial in this fast paced world!

Do you use water with the All Clean System?

A degree of moisture is needed for any carpet cleaning but the surfactants in our product increases rapid evaporation. Carpets are usually dry within one hour! We use 1 gallon of water to clean 3-4 room of carpeting where other carpet cleaning systems use 4-5 gallons to clean 1 room.

Can you clean wool?

Yes! Wool should not be cleaned using excessive heat or high pH. Our product has 7.0 pH and wool should be cleaned and dried quickly using products between 5.0 and 8.0 pH. Adding excessive water to wool may cause yellowing and browning.

Can you clean berber carpeting?

Berber carpet is very loosely woven which holds a lot of soil. When this soil is walked on, it scratches the fiber causing them to break down, crush and look dull. This is an irreversible problem but it can be avoided by vacuuming frequently and professional cleaning a minimum of every 6 months. I know they probably didn't tell you this when you bought it but you can trust me. I SEE IT DAILY!

I have heavily soiled traffic lanes in my carpet. Can it be brought back to new?

No, the carpet is only "New" once. The longer you put the carpet cleaning off, the dirt is scratching the fibers every time you walk on them. This is called "abrasive wear', and cannot be reversed. That's why you should clean your carpets before you see traffic lanes appear.

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