Stain Removal

All Clean of Wisconsin Provides Carpet Stain Removal Help

All Clean of Wisconsin uses the advanced technology of the All Clean system to help you with your carpet stain removal problems. Most carpet stains are ground in deep and the longer you wait to clean your carpets, the harder it is to remove them.

With other carpet cleaning systems that use a lot of water, the stains appear to be gone. What has really happened is that the stains have been pushed deeper into the carpet padding and after a little time has passed, it dries and gravity pushes the spot back to the surface.

The All Clean system uses a residue free encapsulation process, a water-based cleanser to remove stains combined with a little bit of moisture and mechanical agitation. It results in cleaner carpets that dry faster!

All Clean of Wisconsin uses the Von Schrader Dry Foam Extraction Upholstery Cleaning System to clean your furniture in the same way. We strive to get your upholstery as clean as possible without damaging your sensitive fabrics.

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